Soul Symbols

Harness your soul power and explore the journey of you.

Take a profound journey of self discovery by understanding and linking with the soul self and your own sacred soul symbol. This course will help you to unveil and unlock the power of your soul symbol in several easy to follow short sections. Two guided meditations are provided as well as a brief understanding of automatic writing as an alternative option to the unveiling meditation.

Course Curriculum

Soul Symbols is powerfully aligning in a way that I didn't previously understand possible. This has brought a strong connection with myself and my soul self - I now understand and know how to make this connection. Not only do I have an incredible symbol to connect with, but also a feeling, a color, an energy - it's palpable now. It's a profound course that anyone wishing to seek that next layer of connection needs to experience. Much gratitude Sheila - thank you for bringing such enlightening information forward. 

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